In the era of test, test, test, physical field trips are often denied or discouraged. Virtual tours are a useful way to engage students and give them a worthwhile meaningful experience. They can visit places where they may never have dreamed of going before all without leaving the classroom.

Virtual tours also focus on utilizing technology in the classroom and familiarizing students with the educational possibilities and resources on the internet. Connecting the information you have taught with the place where it happened brings the event to life for the students, it becomes real!
From Wikipedia:
Virtual Field Trip: A virtual tour is a “virtual reality simulation of an existing location, usually comprising 2D panoramic images, a sequence of hyperlinked still or video images, and/or image-based models of the real location.”

Google Earth is one great way to take a virtual field trip. If you need to install Google Earth on your computer click here for a quick free download. Then try some of the example Google Earth Field trips below or add your own.

Take a tour of Roanoke, Jamestown, & Plymoth!

Here are some great websites that include virtual tours. Don't just use mine, wiki away and add your own favorite sites!
This is a great 360 degree virtual tour through Mount Vernon that makes you feel almost like you are there. You will find pictures of the other areas of the estate as well and multiple resources to use in the classroom.