With over 500,000 ebooks free, the Nook Study is a great educational resource. Besides having many of the great classics, the nook also has a large selection of reference and textbooks for free.
Students can highlight, mark pages, and write notes all as if they actually had the book in front of them. Take advantage of this free resource and get your students using the Nook Study today.

Share some of your favorite Nook resources or books below. With over 500,000 it is easy to get lost in whats there, so share your favorites so we can find them to!!!

Add more free online textbooks below:
Hippo Campus is a great online textbook free to use for Math, Science, and History.
Courses include:
  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • American Government
  • US History
  • Religion
  • Biology
  • Enviromental Science
  • Physics
  • Psychology