Break down the walls of your classroom with Moodle and allow for 24/7 learning. Moodle allows you to create a simple classroom website or an entire online course. Whatever you need, Moodle can help you deliver educational resources and classroom materials to your students fingertips, wherever they may be.

How much does it cost? It is FREE, just have your tech department install it on your server and set it up. Once they assign you a course, away you go!

How can you use moodle? See Below...

You can use Moodle for:
  • 24/7 Learning
  • Daily Agenda
  • Tests & Quizzes
  • Studyguides & Podcasts
  • Worksheets & Assignments
  • Turning in Assignments
  • PowerPoint Notes
  • Webquests
  • Videos & Clips
  • Blogs
  • Internet Links & Web 2.0 Resources
  • Online Lessons
  • Wikis (although I like wikispaces more)
  • Surveys
  • Live chats & forums
  • ...and so much more, plus don't forget it is free!!!

How do you use Moodle? Feel free to share below and make sure and include a link to your site as an example. If you have an enrollment key for guests please share. Help me create a resource for viewing other educators Moodle pages.

Here are mine, add yours!
Mr. O's Technology Website (enrollment key: Gettysburg)
Mr. O'Neal's World History Website (enrollment key: Romans)
Mr. O'Neal's American History Website (enrollment key: Gettysburg)
Mr. Parlier's Spanish Wiki