Great tool or Evil Distraction

Do you have any uses

for these items in your classroom?

If these types of

tools were available

could you think of

some creative projects

that utilized them?

All this, and we won't

even get started on

the tools and apps that Smart Phones bring

to the table

Ahhh, the dreaded cell phone, a hot topic for sure in educational circles! Do we let students use them, do we take them away, do we teach appropriate use and cell phone safety. Feel free to debate this and more under the discussion tab for this topic, but for now let me share some ways that cell phones can be extremely valuable for educational use.

The average cell phone today can be used as a:

    • Calculator

    • Calender/To do list

    • Note Pad

    • Internet Browser

    • Alarm Clock

    • Camera

    • Video Camera

    • Audio Recorder

    • Stopwatch

    • Tip Calculator

    • Formative Assesment Tool (Classroom Polls)

    • Data Storage (Flash Drive)

    • Foreign Language Aid

    • World Clock

    • MP3 Player

    • Email

    • GPS Locator

    • Mathematical Unit Converter

    • TV

    • Texting

    • Video Game Player

    • Most can also be used to actually call someone!!!

Here are some great web based resources using cell phones as educational tools, wiki away and contribute your favs!
Poll everywhere is a great cell phone based classroom response system. All the benefit without the cost of clickers or software. Polls can be placed right into PowerPoints and a classroom size up to 35 is free for educators. Polls can be reset each period or a seperate poll can be created for each. Click on the icon to your left to find out more and get started!! This is the number one free web based classroom tool I have ever found.
Dial 2 Do is a great service that allows you to mass email or text students. It also allows you to email notes to yourself while driving or on the go. Very useful if you are forgetful like me! You just follow these easy steps.
  • Call your local number
    • (this should have been sent to you when you registered) - for a full list, check the FAQ
  • Say what you want to do
    • e.g. 'Send a text to Dave Smith', then follow the instructions to record your message
  • When you're finished recording, just hang up (if you're all done) or stop talking and Dial2Do will figure it out.

K-12 tablet and mobile implementation guide.

I have published some steps to k-12 mobile implementation and two case studies for download here http://pages.optify.net/k12-schools-mobile-device-management These steps and cases are based on our experiences at Notify Technology. We are a mobile device management technology provider based in Ohio.